Here is a brief outline of some past, current, and pending projects our company implements. These samples are offered to show you the extent of services. References available as requested on a per-project basis.

Variable-Data Printing / Database integration

A Large chemical company wished to get timely MSDS sheets as well as revised sales processing sheets automatically sent out to its clients under a myriad of circumstances: New purchasers, revised MSDS, revised pricing, new locations, etc.. E2E Partnered with a Electronic Solutions Provider, and would dynamically fulfill the price letters and MSDS on a daily basis. typical image runs were up to 800 MB in size, mirrored via FTP / S-FTP services to our servers. This job would entail dynamic page counts, and dynamic weights for postage, as well as both first and standard class mail, trays, etc. We were able to turn up this platform within the same month, processing large runs of data daily. Dynamic envelope printing, as well as a custom envelope solutions to accommodate the mailings was utilized.

Required Professional Organization fulfillment

This client registers a large base of its clients (90M+) per year. This mailing requires OCR form design, response instructions, BRM mailers, and personalized documents (from standard page size, to completely custom page size). Our company works hand-in-hand with this organization to turn-key produce the registration campaign to include providing links to a Internet based response, as well as return to lock-box response with the campaign. This campaign was a 3 step notice process, and includes a complete registration process complete with laminated card fulfillment.

Healthcare Turn-key System

E-provider of health care services, needed to QUICKLY implement printed invoice, EOB statement, EOP / with Certified MICR checks, to its providers and ultimate clients. When we first received the call, we were able to work out a secure data-feed system, and provide design services for all types. The invoices went on line from no design, no data-feed, to full implementation in 14 days. EOB and EOP took longer due to the approval process, and design considerations. This client simply delivers the data. Their clients decide on “printed” or “web” viewing of materials. daily data feeds, utilizing a variety of technologies are processed at our location, fulfilled in near real time for the quickest turn times. Complete images are returned to the client electronically for image use on their web systems.

Marketing Campaign Fulfillment

This client presented 2 marketing campaigns to investors using custom call center & response fulfillment from a print ad campaign. We designed a database that would take the recipient through a multi-step campaign (geared to their request from the ad campaign) that would issue different materials at required intervals, complete with stop-intervention based upon the potential client response. Marketing steps ranged from a booklet, to a marketing piece, to a questionnaire (complete with prepaid BRM response envelopes) were utilized to generate and qualify sales leads to the company. Our company worked out the database exchange to automate this system, and fulfill the mailers automatically.


Telecommunication Invoicing System

a building owner has made the transition from an older VOIP PBX, to an entirely outsourced VOIP PBX solution for a virtual 0 equipment management solution. E2E has been able to adjust our datafeeds to integrate a system feed from the large outsource provider of all the telecommunication calls from this clients location(s). Any VOIP line at any location in the country that is tagged into this system generates a data stream that we download during the calendar month, and process communication calls at the system owners rates for bill back. We additionally maintain a customer support database of all installed equipment, virtual line numbers, and a total accounting/lockbox solution that allows us to provide telecommunication/equipment/Internet service billing to the individual clients, and receive/journal/deposit the payments for this system. The actual system owner sees all payments, and gets detailing account reports to show the tenants usage/payments/aging for the system. While our company handles low level line disputes, we tightly integrate with the system owner to research any system billing disputes to accomodate the level of service the owner requires for its users.